Monday, October 24, 2011

Wake Up Monday!

A week has passed and I am just back to blogging again! I went to a local trade show on Friday and it was an experience. I don't know at what age a person decides that they have no interest in scrapbooking but...I had a lady tell me that she might consider scrapbooking and such when she gets older but probably not...Now this would have been funny had she been young and uber trendy but....I am younger then her and I love to paper craft and have just found that I like to scrapbook too!

I will be spending the next week or so to catch up on other crafty ideas I would like to attempt. I have seen so many people who have created some amazing items or cards and I would like to remake those items with my own crafty spin on them! I have already successfully remade a few great projects that I have seen on a few blogs and will be featuring those projects throughout the next week. I will be including each source of inspiration for a comparison of the projects.

Well starting November 1st. we will have a new constant campaign but there is still time for you to get in as a consultant with my team and get a FREE add-on kit with your Consultant Kit.

What are you waiting for?!?!? Get some extra money in time for Christmas or just for those who are just wanting to get a discount to support their is a great time to join. So Join my team NOW!

I will leave you all with a great video for the week! With Halloween on my mind as only one week and it's time to trick or treat here is a great video to get you into the halloween mood!

Let's get crafty!

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  1. My kids love this video. I think it's this first time they have heard this song. It boggles my mind that someone went through all the work to put together this display.


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