Monday, December 12, 2011

{Rustic Chic} Frames

Well, It's Monday and time to share the great frames that I created a couple of weeks ago...
Let's start by first letting you all know what products I used for these frames...There are allot considering how simple they look...Making this quite a surprising list...

Needed Items:
  • Square unfinished, wood frame (Michaels ~ $1)
  • 12" x 12" Solid colored card stock (Used 2 colors)
  • Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge (Z1686)
  • Versamark Ink Pad (Z891)
  • Silver Pearl Embossing Powder (*Z669 ~ Silver)
  • Chocolate Exclusive Ink Pad (Z2111)
  • Sponge (Z697)
  • Love Life Stamp Set (D1482)
  • Bling Buttons (Z1466)
  • Black Hemp (Z282)
  • Bonding Memories Glue (1512)
  • Liquid Glass (Z679)
  • Martha Stewart Black Glitter
  • Cuttlebug Quilling Pen
Ok so now we are ready to start!

I took my unfinished frame and distressed the edges with my Chocolate Ink pad and sponge. I wanted each of these frames to have a rustic but chic look to them...I then picked my base color for the frame and measured and cut out the paper. Now normally I would have wanted it to be exact but this time I let some of the edges get cut a little short of perfect. I wanted to be able to see some of the wood beneath exposed for all to see...So not an east task with!

After the edges were inked I used my Bonding Memories glue and liberally covered the front of the frame, I adhered the paper and let it dry. While this was drying I went and cut out my flowers with my Cricut. I used the flower image on page 69  using the shift + font + <Heart3>
I cut out flowers ranging in size from 1" to 2.5" in my other card stock color.

I took the Cuttlebug Quilling pen and carefully rolled and glued my roses....I use Liquid Glass as it holds the best and if you happen to be able to see inside the center of your flower you will get a little shine that resembles a sparkle jewel...something to consider would also be adding a gem or maybe even some prisma glitter for a little extra glitz!

While all my flowers dried, I took my frame and inked the edges with Chocolate ink as well. Then I grabbed my stamp set....for these I used Love Life Stamp Set and stamped my image using Versamark. I took my Silver Pearl embossing powder and applied it to the Versamarked image, dusted off the excess, and heated it up. With wanting to keep with a rustic vintage feel I allowed a few little specks to remain on my paper and I also did not heat all the texture from my embossed image. Just one of the little details that I feel added so much character...

Paper adhered, inked and embossed it was ready to place some roses and add some glam to it....

I added the roses after I carefully rolled the petals on each rose...A very tedious but worthy process. I just helps to add some charm to these roses...I used my Liquid Glass again to adhere my roses to the frame....This is probably one of my most favorite adhesives....It is so versatile....But that is a whole other post...{Sneak Peek!}

Once my roses were placed and secured I took my black hemp and threaded and knotted it to the fronts of my bling buttons...I used the small bling buttons to keep it from overpowering the roses...I really wanted them to stand out...I used my Bonding Memories glue and carefully applied it to the edges of my petals on each of the roses. I took my black glitter and sprinkled it over the roses, let it sit for about 30 seconds and then tapped the excess off....I once again used my Liquid Glass and placed my bling buttons and Voila!

Finished Frame

You can see the liquid glass and glitter in this picture 

Close up of the flowers and bling buttons

I made another frame in a Chocolate brown to co-ordinate with the Navy blue one. I mimicked the details and mirrored the on the brown one to allow for some difference but to keep it cohesive.

Until Tomorrow...

Let's Get Crafty!

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