Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Valentine's Blog Hop ~ Love Tree}

Welcome to the 2nd day of the "Love Me Do" Valentine's Blog Hop!

After a little glance at all the great projects of Day 1, I felt a little like Christmas...It was like waiting to open the next present each time I was supposed to hop...Well, it got me thinking, I had done a Christmas Ribbon Tree a while back. I love Christmas trees of all kinds, but, who said you couldn't have a cone shaped tree for other occasions through out the year?!?

I think that it is possible to have a stunning tree of ribbons and be able to appreciate the love and care it went into the creation of that item. I wanted to see if it could be possible to make a Ribbon Tree scream Valentine's Day, and Love...

Here's my starting point, I took a papermache cone and painted it with a mixture of a cream white craft paint and CTMH pearl paint. I wanted it to have some shimmer if you ever were to see a little white under the ribbon loops...

Once the ribbons where all cut they were then glued into loops using hot glue. I used two different colors of pink, a light one and vibrant hot pink to add some pop!

When all my ribbon was ready I started to glue each looped ribbon onto the cone carefully selecting a design that I would love and that would look amazing.

I decided that just adding ribbon was not enough to make this tree one that said Love and Valentine's day, it needed more! So I dug into my crafty bling stash and started to add jewels and little paper hearts that were stamped in pink.

I carefully added a few stacked buttons and added it to the top of the tree and tied two beautiful ribbons around the top and tied them into bows. I then took a couple heart jewels and adhered then to the bottom of each ribbon end!

I hope that you love how this turned out as much as I do! It is so easy to take something that you associate with a particular holiday and alter it to fit into another if you are creative and have enough faith in yourself to try. Without trying you are giving up on something fabulous! So try other things and be daring!

Thank you for joining me today for Day 2 of the "Love Me Do" Valentine's Blog Hop! Next person in the hop is Jenn. Check back again with me tomorrow as well for another new idea!
Let's Live Inspired!

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  1. I love how your tree turned out. It definitely screams Valentine's day :)


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