Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowmen Ornaments

I have been busy crafting away and have begun crafting items using wooden spools. I was looking in the craft aisles and noticed 3 different sized spools and thought...oh wouldn't that make a cute snowman my quest began...

What you need to begin...

Wooden Spools (3 different sizes)
White Craft Paint (I uses Ceramcoat ~ Magnolia White)
Sponge Brush
Ribbon (About 12")
Smooch Pearlized Accent Inks (Gold Lane, Tuxedo)
Hot Glue
Black Hemp (Z282)
Glitter Glue (Black)

I took one of each sized spool and began paining them with white craft paint. I used the Ceramcoat that came with my CTMH Distressing kit and used the sponge brush as well. Once I had them painted...I only lightly painted them allowing the wood to come through in some spots to add some character to them....I let them dry. Once dry I started to adhere them largest on the bottom and working upwards placed the medium spool then smallest. When assembling them be careful to line up the centers of the spools to allow your ribbon to travel through them.

After I had assembled them I started to decorate them. I choose to use my new Smooch inks and draw on my take of a traditional Frosty...I then allowed these new faces to dry and cut my ribbon.

I used a thin piece of wire to guide the ribbon through the centers of the spools. I made sure to tie a double knot at the top to assure I would have a nice loop to hang my ornaments from. Then I took the remainder of the ribbon that was hanging out the bottom of the snowman and placed a bell part way down it (this was NOT an easy!) Once I had the bell on I tied a know and snipped the ends of ribbon.

Looking at the snowman and I thought he was missing something and figured it out...He was missing arms....I took little pieces of Black Hemp (Z282) and glued on one piece to each side of the middle spool.

Voila! He now had arms but he still looked as though he was missing something... He was missing his hat....I took my Black Glitter Glue and carefully coated the top of my spool to make it all black  to represent the snowman's top hat...

I'm a sucker for embellishing so I may still add a scarf to them...

Well lets see how he turned out...

Let's Get Crafty!

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