Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WILD about... Christmas Ornaments!

Well here I am finally able to blog once again...I went to a great trade show this last weekend and it was fabulous!!! I took some extra product I had and sold it at the trade show. I also took my handmade cards and tags and other hand crafted items. I did good and had a great time sharing my love for Close To My Heart! A great way to celebrate 1 year with CTMH!!!

So now that I explained my absence from my blog I wanted to share with you a few items I created for the trade show. I created some hanging ornaments that I had gotten some inspiration from a twitter post.
Twitter Ornament Inspiration

So here goes my attempt at recreating this great ornament and making it my own! I made 4 different ones!!!

I started out with these great little resin frames that I found at Michaels. I found red square frames, green oval frames, silver rectangle frames and gold circle frames. Of course I bought all of them!!! So once I had my frame I flipped it over and removed the stand off of the back

I then took the insert out of the frame and cut out my paper that I wanted to place into the frame. For this one I used CTMH Wonderland Level 2 Paper (X7146B) and cut it out the the dimensions needed to fit into the frame.

I then picked out some ribbon to use  for the ornament and chose some great Martha Stewart ribbon that I found and proceeded to hot glue it to the back of the frame.

Once I had the ribbon adhered I decided to focus on the front of the frame and decorating it. I wanted to keep these ornaments looking classy and elegant. I took some of the ribbon I used already and tied a cute little bow and hot glued it to the front of the ornament.

After I took a few minuted to look and absorb the finished product I realized it was too plain for me and decided it was missing!

But what?!?!?

In the end I decided to use my Gelly Embossing powder and my Holiday Cheer (B1381) to stamp and emboss the inside paper and add a simple and refined look to the ornament.

Here are a few of the other ones I created!

Red Square Ornament with Believe Level 2 Paper (X7145B)

Red Square Ornament with Believe Level 2 Paper (X7145B)

Green Oval Ornament with Believe Level 2 Paper (X7145B)

Green Oval Ornament with Believe Level 2 Paper (X7145B)

Gold Circle Ornament with Wonderland Level 2 Paper (X7146B)

Hope you enjoyed this project and get some great inspiration for your own great Christmas season projects!

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