Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WILD About...Wooden Spool Christmas Tree!

So I was checking out all my great crafting magazines and came across a great little Christmas tree that was constructed out of wooded thread spools....Well I thought this was a great upcycling project and that it would be great to showcase how you can use items you find and the great things you can use these otherwise...garbage items!

If only I realized (Not being a sewing-able person!) that getting wooden spools would be very difficult...They are vintage therefore, nearly impossible to locate!!!

I placed ads on local "Find and Seek" sites as I like to call!

No luck!!!

I checked out Michaels and finally found some! (Had I looked harder I would have found larger packages of 20 for almost the same price!)

I took 12 of these little wooden spools and placed them down into the desired shape I wanted....A Christmas Tree...

I then took my Chocolate Exclusives Ink Pad (Z2111) and a piece of my Sponge (Z697) and began to distress the ends of each spool by rubbing the edges with and inked up the spools a little bit of an aged look and feel.

When I finished that part of the project I cut out stripes of my paper that I wanted to use and then proceeded to ink the edges of each piece to give it a vintage and aged feel and look too!

When these were cut out and distressed I took my Embroidery Thread in the Neutral Assortment (Z1096) and used the Chocolate thread. I adhered one end to one of the spools and began to wind it around the spool until it was covering the spool completely to the other end. I used my Liquid Glass (Z679) to glue both ends to the spool and that spool then became my stump.

After I goth that far I started to glue all my pieces of paper to the spools and used my Liquid Glass again to do this. I wanted to make sure that each piece was going to stay put!

Once all my spools were distressed and papered I took my hot glue gun and started to assemble them into my tree shape. I decided to change the way I had originally placed my top spool so that I could embellish it with a Milepost Shape (Z1464) I picked out a little corrugated chipboard star. I took my Bonding Memories Glue (1512) and ran it over the corrugated raised edges of the star and then sprinkle it with Prisma Glitter (Z134)

(This was after I had distressed the star of course!)

I then placed a little button with some Natural Hemp (Z280) tied through it and glued it to the star. I took a few little metal snowflakes ( I got these out of a little bag of glass stones I purchased years ago) and glued them to the spools.

Hope you liked this great little project I created for the holidays!

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  1. Oh so very cute Tasha! It's a wonderful project, thanks for sharing. Season's Greetings :)


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