Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{1 Layout, 5 Ways ~ Layout 5}

Last day of the series comes with a touch of sadness and a pinch of relief...

I ask myself if I want to do more of these series and I can honestly say yes! I challenged myself to craft more and I did! I wanted to test my limits for achieving new looks and really figuring out what my style is...This is something I still do not really know...

I'm sure time will tell...until then here is the layout for today!

I know this picture is not the best but I think it is because I used a Grey Flannel cardstock base and with the white photo mats and the Lucy B&T paper pieces...It really worked!

I decided to use some rolled roses created with the Cricut Art Phiolosophy cartridge and made them in Colonial White and Creme Brulee. I placed them in threes and stamped some flourishes in Creme Brulee... I have to say that creating these flowers has improved so much since the first time I tried to create one...It took me 45 minutes and a couple youtube videos before I had something that resembled a flower...well I eventually went and purchased a quilling pen and life and flower making has never been the same...It makes creating a flower so easy and fast like under 1 minute if you really push yourself!

 I decided to add a title by stamping it onto a piece of cardstock and cut it out...It had to be simple after I added the bulky but fabulous roses!

Where my banners were placed... I added delicate zig zag stitching in a baby pink embroidery thread to the pink B&T paper. Once again I have added stitching but on all 5 of the layouts they have been done in a different manner. I went from not ever sewing to rapidly becoming a master of paper stitching!

Well for all those who are reading these posts...

Stay tuned for a special treat!

Let's Live Inspired!

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  1. The rolled flowers add lots of great texture to your layout. Thank you so much for sharing all these fantastic layouts.


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