Friday, May 18, 2012

{Sneak Peek ~ Calendar}

For all those who have read through my 5 post series on how you can create layouts that use the same pattern but look different, I have a special treat for you...Call it a bonus or maybe a sneak at an upcoming post (or series of posts...leave your input in the comments of your preference)

I have been busy creating lately and really trying to try to create a variety of items. I decided to try the CTMH 12 Month Calendar. I didn't think it would be what it has!

With the special Dotty For You Paper, I decided to create a calendar using the dotty paper and sticking to a rather non themed calendar... So I got my How To Books and started picking my layouts...I thought that would be the best route for the calendar...

Well... not really... Hindsight being 20-20 I quickly realized that a calendar of layouts was not exactly what I wanted and didn't work well for my main concept for the calendar...So I went another way with the general design...

I really went my own way with this and here is a sneak peek of the calendar...


 Look familiar?!?
 I stitched the squares with baker's twine and just a word of advice...It was not as easy for some reason to stitch with the twine as it was with the embroidery thread, but it was a unique way to utilize baker's twine into a page.

Once I decided what I was going to do for embellishments I added them to the page and really kept it simple on this page. I used the Keepsake Alphabet for my title and that was enough to anchor your eye to it. No need for any banners or ribbon...a few pearls might have been acceptable but ultimately, I really liked how this page came out.

Well that definitely concludes this series...{1 Layout, 5 Ways}

Let's Live Inspired!

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  1. Baker's twine and hemp twine are thicker than embroidery floss and waxy flax. You may want to actually punch out the holes with a 1/8" punch to make the stitching easier.


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