Monday, April 9, 2012

{Pinterest Easter Sign}

After quite the hiatus, I have now finished with the What Women Want trade show I attended on the weekend of March 16 - 18. I had a fabulous time and met so many great people. I saw some great inspiration for future trade shows and am looking forward to all the fabulous weekends of dance to come...

I find that I love my iPhone and all the great apps I have of those in my top 5, Pinterest!
I love to see all the awesome items people have pinned and created. I recently saw one that I just had to try to recreate...

I follow several blogs and enjoy seeing all the great and usually entertaining blog blog that I find to be highly entertaining with a heap of inspiration is Craft-o-maniac. This is one of my favorite sites with a lot of variety presented to the follower...Should you go over to take a peek...tell her I sent you to say Hi!

Now there was an awesome Easter sign that she created and I wanted to create it without flat out copying my wording is the same and I just used different techniques to pull off the finished product..

Craft-o-maniac's Sign

Below are the pictures of my version. I hope that you enjoy and if you decide to create one of these awesome signs, link back to us and definitely stop by to tell me so I can check it out.

Construction Process

Finished Project

Hope you all enjoyed and are ready to share your version. I look forward to seeing them.

This post has been added to a fabulous linky party and I would love you all to check out the great projects featured in this linky party! Check out Craft-O-Maniac Monday Linky Party

Let's Live Inspired!



    1. Thank you Jenn! I loved the pin when I saw it on Pinterest and haven't painted or anything in I knew I had to try it...

  2. I love your sign. Thanks so much for sharing.


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